1. Restructuring and modernization of “Cuza Voda” Maternity Hospital (Ob/Gyn sections) of Iasi city – project value: aprox. 6.1 million euros
2.Restructuring and modernization of “Sf.Ierarh Dr.Luca” Maternity Hospital (Ob/Neo sections) of Onesti city – project value: aprox. 2 million euros
3.Modernization of “Sf. Spiridon” Clinical Emergency County Hospital – (OMS section) of Iasi city – project value: aprox. 1,8 million euros
4.Modernization of “Cuza Voda” Clinical Ambulatory – (Ob/Gyn sections) of Iasi city – project value: aprox. 2 million euros
5.Building of “TransAgropolis- Transfrontier Agribusiness Support”  agro-industrial park of Letcani, Iasi County – project value: aprox. 4,3 million euros
6.Consolidation and restoration for founding the new Municipal Museum building of Iasi city – project value: aprox 2,9 million euros
7.Designing and building the new border police headquarters of  Bivolari, Iasi County – project value – aprox 1,4 million euros
8.Restructuring and modernization of County Police Inspectorate of Iasi city – project value – aprox 1 millin euros
9.Modernization of water supply and drainage systems of Targu-Frumos city                                                        – project value: aprox 3,5 million euros
10.Sewer system expansion in the bordering areas of Iasi city – project value: aprox 3,1 million euros
11. Building indoor sports facility and gym – Holboca, Iasi County – project value: aprox. 0,8 million euros
12. Private houses in Iasi City
13.Urban Regeneration of “Al. Lapusneanu – Piata Unirii” area – project value: aprox 3 million euros
14. Private farm – administrative building – Raducaneni City, Iasi County
15. Other projects
16.  Central heating service assistant – Home appliances shop assistant
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